With over three decades of experience we work hard to continually improve our product solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients in a practical, efficient and cost-effective way.
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PhytoCol extracts delivers purely natural vibrant and high-performing color solutions suitable to meet our clients’ demand for natural based colorings in the food and beverage space to enhance the look and appeal of their products to consumers. We are able to offer PhytoCol extracts in water or oil dispersible formats depending on your needs. PhytoCol extracts go through enhanced stability testing to ensure color stability throughout its lifespan.

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PhytoNano extracts which measure less than < 1000nm on the nanometer scale optimizes the therapeutic effects of natural extract-based ingredients. Nanoscale extract particles increases the permeability and dissolution of the extract which will provide better absorption for the body and improve efficacy of our clients’ products. Extracts that have a low dissolution rate require larger doses to reach optimal level in the body.

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PhytoCompound extracts are an intermediate food product that is made from puree, juice or natural fruits with added flavor ingredients. These compound extracts are designed to accelerate your products’ speed to market and optimize cost. The versatility of the compound extracts allows us to develop formulations for a wide variety of food and beverage products such as powder drinks, ready to drink products, syrups, ice cream, confectionary and baking products.

At Phytochemindo we foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and creativity.
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