Our essential oils are used by a wide range of companies in the Fragrance, Cosmetic & Personal Care and Food & Beverage industries. Our expanded facility ensures that we are able to meet the demand of our local clients and for global exports.
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Research and demand for essential oils is predominantly driven by the perfume industry. The volatile nature of essential oils makes them suitable as fragrances. Furthermore, the role of essential oils in the fragrance industry is now more than ever pertinent as consumers are moving away from synthetic fragrances in favor of more natural based ones. Synthetic replicas of natural fragrances developed often do not contain the complexity and therapeutic effects of natural fragrances from botanical essential oils which could be hazardous for use.

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Cosmetic & Personal Care

Essential oils are often incorporated into cosmetic and personal care products due to their active ingredients, aromatic properties and natural branding purposes. Essential oils also act as natural preservatives as it contains antimicrobial properties to protect against bacteria and fungi. They also contain additional proven benefits for acne control, skin anti-aging, skin brightening and sun protection that make them essential for today’s cosmetic and personal care brands.

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Food & Beverage

Due to their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, essential oils can make an ideal substitute for synthetic food additives in commercial food products. In recent years, the food industries have been using botanical extracts and essential oils due to their abilities to manage the growth of pathogens. Essential oils not only enhance the product shelf life but may also act as a natural flavoring tool for food and beverage products. The wide variety of essential oils available enables manufacturers to formulate novel and better-quality flavorings which add tremendous value to the overall food and beverage industry.

We prioritize ingredients which are locally, responsibly and sustainably sourced.
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