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Phytochemindo as an industry engaged in the production of medicinal plant extracts as well as supplying the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic, food and beverage to make innovations in the manufacturing process extracts of natural materials. More recently, Phytochemindo inaugurates new spray dryer on February 24, 2015. This facility was inaugurated by Mr. Patrick Kalona as Director of PT. Phytochemindo witnessed by the board of directors and employees of the company.

Spray drying technology is now commonly used by industry in the manufacture of powdered drinks. This technology utilizes the ability of the spray dryer spray tool to change the basic material in the form of a liquid into dry powder. Besides being used for the manufacture of instant powder drink, spray dryer is also used for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

The use of spray dryer has advantages because it can produce high-quality products and lower levels of nutrition damage. In addition, changes in color, smell and taste can be minimized so that the quality of the resulting material remains excellent. This is possible because the temperature of the products handled by the relatively low spray dryer and drying into powder material occurs very quickly.

Principle of spray dryer is spraying liquid through an atomizer. The liquid will be passed into the hot gas flow in a tube. As a result, the water droplets can evaporate very quickly and what is left is a dry powder or powder with homogeneous size, water content is low, nutritional quality is maintained.

The spray drying technology used by Phytochemindo is for drying extracts from natural materials in the form of liquid or oleoresin containing phytochemical compounds. The utilization of this technology is expected to meet the needs of food and pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry in the preparation of finished product innovations that is currently very diverse. With the presence of this spray dryer it is expected to be able to increase the quantity, quality, innovation and production standards extracts of native medicinal plants from Indonesia.