We manufacture a wide range of natural extracts with over 40 standardized markers customized according to our clients’ specifications. Our natural extracts are highly versatile in their application in the Healthcare, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Veterinary industries.
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The use of natural extracts in consumer healthcare (pharmaceutical, health supplement, traditional medicine) products has significantly increased over the last few decades and we foresee this trend to continue in the future. Natural extracts are often incorporated in the development of preventative and chronic medicines. Consumers are now more than ever cognisant of the benefits of natural ingredients which may provide solutions to ailments without the side effects often associated with regular pharmaceuticals and health supplements.

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Cosmetic & Personal Care

We have seen a growing trend by cosmetic and personal care brands to use natural extracts in their products to minimize the use of chemical and synthetic ingredients which may cause harmful side effects to our bodies. The use of natural extracts is also deeply rooted in traditional Indonesian beauty and personal care regimes and is an essential component when creating lotions, scrubs, serums, scrubs, face masks, moisturizing mists and many more products.

Indonesia’s rich biodiversity allows us to have easy access to quality natural ingredients with medicinal and therapeutic properties.
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Food & Beverage

The growth of the food and beverage industry is driven by a rise in consumer demand for tasty and nutritious products that cater towards their health and wellbeing through natural ingredients. With our expertise and team of food scientists, we can provide you a wide range of natural extracts that offer taste, flavor, functional, coloring and other practical applications for your food and beverage products. 

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The use of natural ingredients is commonplace for products catered to farm animals, pets and in aquaculture. Several botanical bioactive substances found in our natural extracts can be used for the nourishment and treatment of certain ailments in animals and are often incorporated in animal feed additives or supplements. They have several beneficial functions which include inhibiting the growth of bacteria or fungi, improving immunity and act as an appetite stimulant.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing natural extracts in dry powder, spray dry powder, liquid, oil and glycolic forms.
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