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PT. Phytochemindo Reksa celebrated its 29TH anniversary on January 22 2019.  The celebration tookplace at Waroeng Keboenkoe Loji Ageng Restaurant, in Cimanggis,Bogor. The theme of our  celebration was "#accelerateforward." The event was attended by Directors and employees of PT. Phytochemindo Reksa.

The event began with a greeting from the President Director, Mr. Patrick Kalona. He said that this is the year that all of us are called to welcomenew challenges We must overcome these challenges with the best possible results. This will be a year of growth and development for all of us, to  realize where we are and prepare us  for a much bigger challenges ahead. We all have togo through all kinds of hardship, but if we persevere, we will be read for what comes next.

He mentioned the importance of teamwork and working together. No matter what or where our responsibilities are, each of us must always strive to give their best in whatever it is they are entrusted to do. The more experienced should  guide and mentor the less experienced members of the team. Once again, he stressed that this year will be our time to prove that we can grow together and be better than before.

The celebration continued  with  a presentation of awards of appreciation to employees that have worked for five years. The award was presented by the company commissioner, Mrs. Maureen Kalona Kandou. The celebration concluded with prayers and a luncheon.

Phytochemindo Reksa has relocated to a new office in Rukan Boelevard Blok B (RBOB) No. 8, Cibubur Country, Cikeas, Gunung Putri, Bogor since July 2014.

The company moved its offices to this new location in order to provide better services and facilitate our business development into the food and beverage industry.